Tennis Court Reconstruction

Why Reconstruct the Courts Now?

The current courts, built in 1975, have been resurfaced over the years but they are significantly cracked and the under-structure of the courts is not stable.  A complete restructure would assure long-lasting use into the future.

On October 27, 2020, the Vilas County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to Quit Claim the Tennis Court Parcel to the Greater Eagle River Tennis Association (GERTA).  This replaced the lease which was set to expire at the end of 2021.  With the Quit Claim in GERTA’s name, there is assurance that any long-term improvements and investments made into the tennis courts will be a good and long-lasting investment with no fear of the courts being taken for other purposes.   So, this is a good time to finally plan for the reconstruction of the tennis courts.

Capital Campaign

Tennis Court Reconstruction

We are looking to raise $300,000 to re-construct the four tennis courts located by the fairgrounds in Eagle River. Please consider making a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions The GERTA Tennis Court Reconstruction Capital Campaign

The Greater Eagle River Tennis Association, Inc. (GERTA), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Its members and friends come from Vilas, surrounding counties, and summer vacationers. GERTA is responsible for the maintenance of the four public tennis courts in Eagle River next to the County Fairgrounds.

The courts were built in 1975;  two of the courts were resurfaced some years ago, and two were overlaid with an Interlocking plastic tile grid system to improve the playing surface. The life expectancy of a hard court surface is about 25 years, and so the aging under-structure of the entire court area needs to be reconstructed.

GERTA has been operating under a 25-year lease on the tennis courts set to expire at the end of 2021, but on October 27, 2020, the Vilas County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to Quit Claim the Tennis Court Parcel to the Greater Eagle River Tennis Association (GERTA).  With the Quit Claim in GERTA’s name, we have the assurance that any long-term improvements and investments made into the tennis courts will be a lasting investment with no fear of the tennis courts being taken for other purposes.

GERTA’s agreement with the County under the previous lease was that GERTA would maintain the courts.  Now that the parcel of property is in GERTA’s name, the tennis organization will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the courts.

All members of the public may use the courts.  There is a donation box located at the courts to help defray costs. Lights for night use are available through a coin-operated  power source.   When GERTA-sponsored events are scheduled (a Calendar is posted), those events take priority for court usage over public usage.

Having good public courts available is positive for tourism county-wide, real estate values improve and additional people are brought into the central area of Eagle River.

Absolutely!  GERTA has traditionally held an annual Youth Tennis Camp to work with children and youth in tennis instruction and basic skills.  And, with the court reconstruction, additional court lines will be painted for youth tennis according to guidelines from the USTA / US Tennis Association. This will allow for USTA youth tennis leagues and tournaments.

The total cost is anticipated to be $300,000. The scope of the GERTA Court Replacement project is a complete reconstruction of the 4 – 50 year old tennis courts in Eagle River. This will include removal and replacement of fencing, removal or adding to the underlayment of gravel and sand to improve the base for the courts, appropriate grading and sloping of the courts, light replacement to LED lights, electrical improvement to include a new coin box, and having all courts re- asphalted in 2 layers of 1.75” with a total of 3.5 inches.  All courts will be surfaced and lined for 78 foot courts as well as 60 foot and 36 foot courts.

GERTA started their campaign with their own saved $50,000 from the volunteer efforts of its members over the years organizing and serving in the Cranberry Festival Food Tent.   Along with additional commitments from Lead Donors, we are able to kick off this Campaign with a total of $60,000 toward the project.

GERTA worked many fundraisers throughout 2021 to raise the funds so they could start the re-construction work in the fall of 2021.  The Fundraising Committee sent out hundreds of letters to Vilas tax payers and past/present members of GERTA asking for donations.  Our final event in 2021, GERTA sold tickets to their Roaring 20's and Prohibition-themed Fundraiser held at the beautiful Eagle Waters Resort on November 6, 2021, where they were able to finally meet their goal, along with numerous donations from the Community.

Reconstruction will take place in 2022.  The four (4) courts have been poured and poles placed for the tennis nets.  This needs to settle for a couple of weeks and then the painting of the lines will be done and the fencing will go up.  We are looking at courts being able to be played on early to mid-July, 2022.

We may have collected the goal that we first intended to reach, but as everything in life, prices have gone up and there are still miscellaneous items needed to finish the court project.  If you would like to donate, you still can!

You may write a check to “GERTA Campaign” and mail it to GERTA, P.O. Box 1714, Eagle River, WI 54521.  For other questions, please contact GERTA at 

Yes, absolutely.  GERTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.  A letter for your tax records will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation so that you may report this gift on your tax returns.

Yes!   GERTA has set up an arrangement with a local broker to expedite stock gifts and GERTA can provide you with relevant information both about how to give stocks or how to designate an IRA Required Minimum Distribution to this campaign.  Just let us know!  See Contact Information below.

GERTA will keep a record of all gifts and donor information, with funds deposited in a separate Tennis Court Restricted Account.  Should the goal not be reached and the project not untaken, all monies will be returned to the donors.

Yes.  We will want to celebrate and publicly thank the generosity of all donors.  However, should you wish to remain anonymous, that wish will be respected.

Yes.  Naming Rights are available at higher donation levels.

We hope to have additional fundraising efforts to help support this Campaign.

Write for information or a personal contact to